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A Mind 4 Adventure - Everyday People Living Inspirational Lives

Please listen and enjoy the thoughts of the fabulous people interviewed.

They are Everyday People Living Inspirational Lives

Jan 31, 2021

Everyday People Living Inspirational Lives is a podcast that shares the inspirational stories of some amazing people who live in the communities that we are all part of.

Matt Young is a successful radio broadcaster and is currently present the drivetime show on The ~Voice, North Devon. He also has a successful multimedia marketing company. Matt's current passion is to encourage people, but especially men, to connect and talk about their feelings and have fun. Matt has launched an initiative around this "Who needs Instructions".

At A Mind 4 Adventure, we are very proud to be associated with Matt and Who Needs Instructions. Listen what inspires him as he is so key in the inspiration of others within the community he is working hard to support.