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A Mind 4 Adventure - Everyday People Living Inspirational Lives

Please listen and enjoy the thoughts of the fabulous people interviewed.

They are Everyday People Living Inspirational Lives

Sep 10, 2019

Everyday People Living Inspirational Lives is a podcast that shares the inspirational stories of some amazing people who live in the communities that we are all part of.

Glyn Painter was a former British Army Warrant Officer who went on to spend over 20 years helping develop and shape the success of the soldiers in his care. In parallel to this, he became an inspirational triathlete and triathlon coach. He now works as a full-time coach. Setting up Kona Coach, Glyn is fast becoming one most talked-about Triathalon Coach's as he brings his years of experience as an athlete and a soldier to play in his coaching. At A Mind 4 Adventure, we are very proud to be associated with Glyn and his coaching company Kona Coach. Listen what inspires him as he is so key in the inspiration of others within their sports performance and in their communities.